Film: The Receptionist  (接線員)

The_ReceptionistThe Receptionist  (接線員)

30min Skype Q&A
with English subtitles

Director:盧謹明 Jenny Lu

Struggling to find work and weighed down by financial problems, Taiwanese graduate, Tina (Teresa Daley), takes a job as a receptionist at an illegal massage parlour in London.
As she gradually comes to know the women in this most dysfunctional of artificial families, where sex lies at the core of everything. She sees how they struggle to find a way to make their lives work, with an undercurrent of violence and danger always lurking.
But how far will she be drawn into this world, and can she avoid losing herself in the process?



Jenny Lu’s impressive UK/Taiwan co-production featured in EIFF’s (Edingburgh International Film Festival) inaugural Works in Progress strand at 2016.

Trailer from Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2017 (Chen Shiang Chyi was nominated for Best Supporting Actress):

Director Jenny Lu and producer and actor Shuang Teng talking to BBC World News journalist and presenter Kasia Madera about their film 'The Receptionist':

The Receptionist on IMDb-Website

Text source and photocredit:  Impression x Taiwan

Sat, May 19, 2018 / 14:30 -
Caligariplatz 1
Berlin, 13086

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