Film: Small Talk 日常對話

Small Talk

Small Talk 日常對話

89 minutes | Documentary | Taiwanese dialect, Mandarin (English subtitles)
Director: HUANG Hui-chen | Cast: HUANG Hui-chen, HUANG Ah-nu


Filmmaker Huang Hui-chen probes her mother’s lesbian identity in this agonizing and electrifying documentary, which won the Teddy Award at Berlin Film Festival.

Director Huang Hui-chen turns the camera on her lesbian mother in hopes of repairing their fractured relationship. In intense one-on-one interviews, Huang asks her mother probing questions that she would not be able to ask without the filtering distance of her camera. The answers she uncovers offers insight into a history of abuse that is deeply ingrained in Taiwan’s patriarchal society.

Huang’s quest to learn about her mother’s troubled past exposes troubling issues found throughout all levels of Taiwanese society in this quietly powerful and eye-opening documentary. Made under the guidance of executive producer Hou Hsiao-hsien, SMALL TALK is a deeply personal documentary that ultimately becomes a moving act of reconciliation.

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Sat, Mar 10, 2018 / 12:15 -
Stichting Amsterdams Filmhuis / Rialto
Ceintuurbaan 338
Amsterdam, 1072 GN
the Netherlands

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