Film: The Tag-Along [TWFF2017 Vancouver]

Length: 93 min
Director: Wei-hao Cheng
Producer: Hank Tseng
Writer: Shih-keng Chien
Cast: Wei-ning Hsu, River Huang, Yin-Shang Liu
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Rating: 14A

Based on true events and an age-old urban legend in Taiwan - "Moo-Sin-A". Wei is suddenly nowhere to be found just one day before his grandma returns from her own strange disappearance. Wei's girlfriend, Yi-Chun desperately searches for his whereabouts and discovers that it is the horrifying mystery of the little girl in red that has followed and haunted them all along. A series of strange things start happening with escalating nightmarish terror…

Additional Info here : The Tag-Along



Sat, Jun 10, 2017 / 21:00 -

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