Film: Xiao Mei


Xiao Mei

Taiwan | 2018 | 96 minutes | Director: Maren Hwang
Producer: Chung Mong-hong
Cast: Chris (Kang-jen) Wu, Ivy Yin, Shu-qin Ke, Yi-wen Chen, Cincin Jao, Kuan-ting Liu, Chien-ho Wu, Yu-chin Lin

Embark on a journey to find Xiao Mei, a frail and mysterious girl.

Xiao Mei is a girl, frail and mysterious. And now she is missing. Through the interviews and memories of nine individuals who all had connections to her, the puzzle of Xiao Mei's life is gradually pieced together. None of them know where Xiao Mei has gone, but all of them desperately hope she is okay so that everything will be alright. Find out together with the film characters what happened to Xiao Mie in this mockumentary.



Director: Maren Hwang

Started off his career as a TV commercial photographer/director, the 2018 film, Xiao Mei, is Hwang’s length-feature debut as a director. His debut film was selected for Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin Panorama Section, his skill as a director has been well received.

Awards and Recognitions

★ 2018 Taipei Film Festival - Best Cinematography
★ 2018 Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival Crossovers Grand Prix
★ Nominated for The 55th Golden Horse Award - Best Cinematography, Best Original Film Score, and Best Original Film Song in 2018
★ Selected for The 68th Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin Panorama Section
★ Nominated for 2018 Taipei Film Awards and International New Talent Competition
★ 42nd Hong Kong International Film Festival Opening Film
★ 2018 Fukuoka International Film Festival Participant

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Text source and photocredit:  Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival

Detailed info about the film on Taiwan Cinema's Website.

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