Film: Afternoon (那日下午)

Afternoon (那日下午)

Afternoon (那日下午)

| 2015 | Taiwan | Dir.: Tsai Ming-Liang | 137 min |


At the ruins, in the afternoon
The conversation between a dying man and his most beloved person

Director’s Statement

All my works came about like accidents
Some asked what made me the kind of director I am
Honestly, I have no idea
When asked what else I am going to do next
I have no answer to that either
The publisher in Taiwan invited me to publish a book about the movie Stray Dogs
To put in more content
I invited Lee for a talk
He usually doesn’t talk much
After living together for twenty years
I really wanted to know what’s going on in his mind
Still, it turned out that
I did most of the talking that afternoon
But if it weren’t for him
I wouldn’t be here, doing what I do
There wouldn’t be any movies
How this recording turned out to be a movie is also purely accidental


Link to event's Website: Afternoon

Text source and photocredit:  Film Taiwan

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