Film: Betelnut Girls [TWFF2017 Vancouver]

Length: 104 min
Director: Xianjian Xue
Producer: Chun Chung Chen, Feng Ye
Cast: Peggy Tseng, Teng-Chieh Hsu, Honduras, Wei-Min Chen, Chia-Yu Chang
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: PG

With the financial pressure of raising a son independently and supporting her gambling-addicted father, a single mom makes her living as a betelnut beauty at night. Although she faces judgement from her community and misogynistic treatment from customer as a betelnut beauty, she continues to face each day with a smiling face. She eventually meets a police officer and develops an intimate relationship with him. Meanwhile, the conflict of their social status and challenges of social discrimination invaded their relationship- will their love be a happy ending? A story portrays both the glamour and struggles of betelnut girls in Taiwan, who earn their living with dignity.

Additional Info here : Betelnut Girls



Sat, Jun 10, 2017 / 18:50 -

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