Film: On Happiness Road 幸福路上


On Happiness Road 幸福路上

Taiwan | 2017 | 111 minutes | Animation, Drama | Chinese, English (English subtitles)
Cast: Lun-Mei Kwei, Te-Sheng Wei, Bor Jeng Chen
Director: Hsin-Yin Sung

Quest for personal happiness

When her grandmother dies, Chi (voiced by Gwei Lun-mei) returns from the US to her hometown to see her family. It rekindles memories of growing up in the tumultuous post-Chiang Kai-shek era, and forces her to reexamine why she once favoured western culture over her own. Sung Hsin-yin’s semi-autobiographical film recreates 40 years of contemporary Taiwanese history with vibrant colors, adorable characters and a unique animation style unlike anything ever made in Taiwan. Filled with genuine humanism and political insight, this moving story of one woman’s search for personal happiness invites us to reconsider the definition of happiness itself. Winner of the Grand Prize at Tokyo Anime Award and Taipei Film Awards.

Festivals & Awards

55th Golden Horse Award nomination – Best Animated Feature & Best Adapted Screenplay
17th Tokyo Anime Award Festival – Grand Prize
33rd Annecy International Animation Film Festival – Official Selection
22th Busan International Film Festival – Wide Angle Section
54th Golden Horse Film Festival – Closing Film
25th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film – AniMovie Award
20th Udine Far East Film Festival – Official Selection
16th Fantoche – International Animation Film Festival – Official Selection

About the director

Hsin-Yin SungHsin-Yin Sung

was born in Taipei. She studied Film Theory in Kyoto University, later graduated from Columbia College of Chicago with a Master’s Degree in Film. Before becoming a filmmaker, HsinYin was a journalist, writer, store clerk at Kyoto karaoke and photographer. As a filmmaker, HsinYin is interested in using different film genres to explore universal relationships among people. She has a particular interest in finding the pace of a film through editing, like composing a piece of music. Her live action shorts such as The Red Shoes, Single Waltz have been screened at numerous international film festivals. Her first directing animation short won The Best Animation Award at 2013 Taipei Film Festival. On Happiness Road is her first animation feature, and she is also working on her first live action feature Love is a bitch.

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Text source and photocredit:  CinemAsia Film Festival

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