Film: The Tag-Along (紅衣小女孩)

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The Tag-Along (紅衣小女孩)

| 2015 | Taiwan | Dir.: Cheng Wei-Hao | Script writer: Chien Shih-Keng | 93 min | Mandarin

About this film

The Tag-Along is the first in a horror trilogy written by Chien Shih-Keng, adapted from a well-known Taiwanese urban legend, “The Little Girl in Red”.


Property agent Wei lives with his grandmother, but one day she suddenly disappears without a reason, and yet the routines of the house still continues as usual – the laundry is done, the house is well-cleaned as usual and even Wei’s breakfast remains prepared every morning. A clueless Wei then starts to search for his grandmother until he finds an unsettling video in his neighbour’s camera, where a little girl in red was tagging behind his grandmother while she was hiking. When Wei’s grandmother finally returns, Wei goes missing instead. Wei’s girlfriend, Yi-chung gradually discovers that all these mysteries might be connected to the urban legend “The Little Girl in Red”, and that the worst is yet to come.


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Text source and photocredit:  Film Taiwan

Thu, Apr 4, 2019 / 18:30 -

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