Film: We are the Perfect Citizens

Perfect citizens

We are the Perfect Citizens

Taiwan | 2018 | 14 minutes | Short documentary | Chinese (English subtitles) | Dutch premiere
Director: LingJui Hsu

We are the Perfect Citizens

Ling­jui (Alexandra) Hsu – (I am not) The Perfect Citizen
WHAT – A documentary on the experience of being an immigrant.
WHY – Moving to a faraway country and integrating is not easy, especially if you do not speak the language. Understanding a country’s language is understanding how its people structure their thoughts, and thus their society. For immigrants this raises many questions related to their identities. The Taiwanese expats in this film share some of the baffling issues they have faced in different contexts such as work, school and social engagements.
WOW – An immigrant herself, Alexandra knows what it is like to be completely uprooted. A central question: should I become less obedient and more direct now that I am living in The Netherlands?
Alexandra says: “Migrants are cultural explorers, in pursuit of a new life, a new self”.

About the director

LingJui HsuLingJui Hsu

also as known as Alexandra Hsu (27) has a Taiwanese, Bolivian and Dutch background and works in The Hague as an art director. She is a multidisciplinary designer who has a sharp eye for cultural and social matters within inter­cultural contexts, a recent graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands, specializing in Visual communication.
It's the first movie of Ling Jui Hsu.

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Text source and photocredit:  CinemAsia Film Festival

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