Film: Single Copy

Single Copy

Single Copy

Taiwan | 2019 | 21 minutes | Filmmaker: Hsu Che-yu | Mandarin | Medium: DCP | European Premiere |
Producer: Chen Wan-yin |
Sales: Hsu Che-yu |
Writer: Chen Wan-yin | Cinematography: Chen Kuan-Yu, Hsu Che-yu | Editor: Hsu Che-yu |

An experimental biography of Chung-I, one half of a once-conjoined twin whose separation surgery at age 3 was broadcast live on Taiwanese television. Forty years later, artist Hsu Che-yu produces a digital scan and ceramic cast of the man's body in a playfully analytical take on doubling and copies.

More info:
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Text source and photo credit:  International Film Festival Rotterdam IFFR 2020

Mon, Jan 27, 2020 / 20:30 - 22:11

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