Film: Ça Fait Si Longtemps 漂流遇見你

Ca Fait Si Longtemps

Ça Fait Si Longtemps 漂流遇見你

Taiwan | 2017 | 90 minutes | Documentary, Music Video |Chinese,French, Melanesian (English subtitles) | European premiere
Director:Laha Mebow

A music quest for their roots

After a life-changing journey to New Caledonia in the Pacific, director Laha Mebow invites Taiwanese aboriginal musicians, singer-composer-actor Suming Rupi (Wei Te-sheng’s M2Hz, I Love You) and “fingerstyle” guitarist Baobu Badulu to return to the island with her for a month-long musical exchange. Traveling across the island, the two make friends with musicians from the indigenous Kanak community, visiting their homes, their studios and their schools to find common ground in music. Together, they discover that their respective cultures share more than they’d thought. This travelogue documentary is both a search for roots and a coming together between global citizens. It’s a must-see for music aficionados of reggae and the new sounds of aboriginal music — one of the hippest music trends in Asia.

About the director

Laha-MebowLaha Mebow

is an Atayal aborigine. She is the first female aboriginal director from Taiwan, who graduated as a film major from Department of Radio, Television & Film, Shih Hsin University. Having grown up in an urban environment, she returned to her hometown tribe to find her root after she became an adult. To her surprise, she absorbed abundant creative force there, and the land and the people from the tribe became her inspiration of creativity. Her works are Finding Sayun and Lokah Laqi, both won Excellent Screenplay Awards from Ministry of Culture, Taiwan. This time, she brings you a new documentary about how people can communicate with pure music.

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