Film: Sen Sen


Sen Sen

Taiwan | 2018 | 103 minutes | Director: Bon An
Cast: Nina (Hee-ching) Paw, Chih-Husan Wu

“Hold me dearly to be your tenderest farewell.”

Knowing that her days are numbered, Granny Lily starts running a video streaming channel and becomes famous. As a popular streamer, she has no problem sharing everything with her fans, but she finds herself struggling when it comes to spending the last days of life with her daughter.

Sen Sen, a young teenager, has lost his brother to an accident. His mother overworks herself in the attempt to avoid facing the sorrow. Sen Sen, as a result, finds himself stuck in both the sadness of losing a beloved one and loneliness of having no support and attention from his mom.

When these two lonely souls encounter and befriend with each other, can they find the meaning of life in all the laughters and tears they share? As the opening film for the 40th Golden Harvest Awards, “Sen Sen” explores the meanings of family and death with heartfelt warmth.



Director: Bon An

Graduated from Department of Radio, Television & Film of Shih Hsin University. Bon An has worked as director and screenplay writer for many TV drama. The 2016 film, “Black Sheep”, is his directing and screenplay feature debut. His work is diverse and has the ability to capture the character’s emotion.

Awards and Recognitions

★ 40th Golden Harvest Awards opening film

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Text source and photocredit:  Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival

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