London’s first major festival of Taiwanese culture

The Festival embraces Taiwan’s complex and vibrant cultural identity from cutting-edge audio-visual technology to traditional craftsmanship.

Featuring Visual Art, Design, Dance, Music, Physical Theatre, Virtual Reality and Immersive Experiences

Each performance is surrounded by free events, including an immersive VR experience and an exhibition from one of Taiwan’s leading installation artists, inviting you to soak up the experience of Taiwan’s artistic landscape.
Over 16 days, the festival will present more than 30 contemporary visual artists, theatre makers, dancers and musicians from Taiwan, most of whom never before seen in the UK, exploring Taiwanese identity, post-colonial history, politics, lust and desire.

World and UK premieres include:
A major site-specific bamboo installation by stellar Taiwanese artist Cheng-Tsung Feng, encasing the Coronet Theatre’s historical façade.
Riverbed Theatre present their immersive VR experience All That Remains throughout the festival, alongside the world premiere of taking it down and putting it up, a poetic meditation on the work of Marcel Duchamp.
Reflecting the astonishing cultural journey of this country, two extraordinary pieces from leading collectives Anarchy Dance Company and Hung Dance introduce Taiwan’s booming contemporary dance scene.
The London premiere of Chou Kuan-Jou’s playfully provocative Edinburgh Festival hit Tomato.
Two intimate performances from acclaimed multidisciplinary music artist Yujun Wang, launching her new album 明 Dawn to Dawn.

Discover the full festival line-up

Anarchy Dance CompanySecond Body  12 – 13 Apr
Cheng-Tsung Feng Workshop 13 Apr
Yujun Wang明 Dawn to Dawn 16 – 17 Apr
Hung DanceBirdy 19 – 20 Apr
Chou Kuan-JouTomato  23 – 24 Apr
Tomato Workshop 24 Apr
Riverbed Theatretaking it down and putting it up  25 – 27 Apr
Riverbed Theatre Workshop 27 Apr
Cheng-Tsung Feng Throughout the festival
Riverbed TheatreAll That Remains (VR experience) Throughout the festival

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Text- and Photocredit: The Coronet Theater