Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival 2017

Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival

The 11th Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival is playing at Vancity Theatre from June 9th to 11th, showcasing great films from Taiwan.

Films this year include: the star-studded folk song documentary “Ode to Time”, romance comedy “My Egg Boy”, renowned director Wei Te-Sheng’s new musical movie “52Hz, I Love you”, tension-filled suspense drama “White Lies, Black Lies”, the box-office hit horror “The Tag-Along”,  a spotlight on LGBT rights the “Pride Series”, a history drama based on real events “Formosa Betrayed”, the snapshot-of-life drama “Hang in There, Kids!” and “Betelnut Girls”.

TWFF is excited to announce that director Hou Chi-Jan will be in Vancouver to meet with audience for Q&A session after film screening. His feature film “Ode to Time” and both of his short films “Green Island Serenade” and “The Rose Boy” are playing at Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival this year. Anticipate special Taiwanese folk song performances at the screening too!

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Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival

Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival (TWFF), established by UBC Literature Etc. in 2007, is a non-profit, culture and arts event, presenting high-quality Taiwanese films. It is also the first large non-profit event in Canada focused on promoting Taiwanese films.

Over the past 11 years, TWFF has presented more than 100 Taiwanese films and invited many filmmakers and directors to entertain the residents in Metro Vancouver. Each year, there have been record-breaking box-office sales and tremendous increase in media coverage. It not only feeds the multiculturalism in Canada but also builds a bridge connecting the art of Taiwanese films with Canada to create an even more diverse community.

In 2009, TWFF was recognized with a proclamation for Taiwanese Film Awareness Day for the duration of the festival. The festival now has a wider audience group from various communities with different cultural backgrounds. Beginning from 2015, TWFF started a collaboration with the “100 Film Fest Project from Taiwan”, by Director Mark Ang, and created a platform for Taiwanese short films in Vancouver.

From the success and improvement of the past TWFF along with the support from many, great Taiwanese films and the efforts of Taiwanese filmmakers are able to spread beyond its borders to even more people from different cultures. TWFF is definitely one of the iconic cultural-exchange events in Canada.


UBC Literature Etc. is the first non-profit UBC student organization focusing on music, photography, film, literature and fine arts. The unique publication of their annual magazine, leMook, showcases their passion in arts through illustrative and literary works. UBCLE strives to be “A Place Where People and Possibilities Meet” — they hope to be the platform for members to create and mould their own experience. Each year, UBCLE hosts several events covering photography, visual arts, music, film and literature. Some past events include Ministudio, leBizarre, mini concerts, and of course, the Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival. Their focus is to develop a stronger appreciation of the arts and bring this artistic flavour into everyday life.

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