CinemAsia On Tour TAIWAN FOCUS – Eindhoven 2018

CinemAsia shows the other Taiwan.
CinemAsia will be a guest in Eindhoven at Natlab from 12th to 14th October. In addition to the annual CinemAsia Film Festival, CinemAsia can also be experienced in the rest of the year with CinemAsia On Tour programmes at various locations in the Netherlands. These OnTours offer a rich film and culture programme with constantly changing themes.

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CinemAsia Film Festival 2018 – Amsterdam

CinemAsia Film Festival takes place 6 to 11 March 2018 at Kriterion and Rialto cinemas in Amsterdam. With an unprecedented number of guests attending the festival, both the film industry and the public will have the precious opportunity to interact with creators who are making waves in Asia’s dynamic cultural scene. 

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San Diego – Asian Film Festival with Taiwan Film Showcase

The San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF) is San Diego’s premier film showcase of Asian American and international cinema. Founded in 2000, the festival has grown to become the largest exhibition of Asian cinema in the western United States.
Each year, the festival brings West Coast, North American, and World premieres of films from around the world to San Diego and gives audiences unique opportunities to discover international cinema.

This year, the 18th edition of SDAFF will showcase over 150 films from 20 countries at 6 different venues in San Diego from November 9-18, 2017.

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The Politics of Memory in Sinophone Cinemas and Image Culture – Altering Archives

Cinema archives memories, conserves the past, and rewrites histories. As much as the Sinophone embodies differences, contemporary Sinophone cinemas in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the People’s Republic of China invest various images of contested politics in order to assert different histories and self-consciousness. As such, Sinophone cinemas and image production function as archives, with the capability of reinterpreting the multiple dimensions of past and present.

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Taiwan’s Lost Commercial Cinema: Recovered and Restored

Happy to say that a great project by Professor Chris Berry (King’s College London) and Dr Ming-yeh T. Rawnsley (Centre of Taiwan Studies, SOAS) is underway:

Did you know regular filmmaking on Taiwan only started in the 1950s? With a Taiwanese-language film industry? Between then and the 70s, 1,000-plus Taiwanese-language features were made. However, the budgets were miniscule, the companies short-lived, and there was no archive. They were quickly forgotten, and only 200-plus survive.

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