Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival – TWFF 2019


The 13th Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival is playing at Vancity Theatre from June 21nd to 25th, showcasing again great films from Taiwan.

Lost Black Cats: 35th Squadron is selected as opening film with Director Pu-Hsin Yang attending the opening ceremony and Q&A session. The closing film will feature Late Life: the Chien-Ming Wang Story followed by Q&A session with Taiwanese Canadian Director, Frank W. Chen.
TWFF 2019 also joined the Euro-America screening tour of Golden Horse Best Documentary winner Our Youth in Taiwan and invited Director Yue Fu to attend the screening.
TWFF 2019 also be featuring Golden Horse Best Feature Film winner The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful, best Taiwanese Kung Fu action film in the last decade The Scoundrels, stylistic experimental mockumentary Xiao Mei, true story about indigenous Tao Tribe on the Orchid Island Long Time No Sea、romantic comedy with the theme on marine ecosystem preservation The Plastic Bag, heartwarming family film Sen Sen and mystery crime film High Flash.


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Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival

The Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival (VTFF) is an annual non-profit arts and cultures initiative started in 2007. It has been well-received by the Vancouver communities, and over the years, has become the largest film festivals focusing on Taiwanese cinema in North America.
In 2009, VTFF has had the honor to receive “Taiwanese Film Awareness Days” proclamation from the City of Burnaby. Every year, representatives from international embassies and all levels of Canadian government attended the film festival in recognition of VTFF’s continuous efforts in contributing to the diversity and enrichment of Canada’s multiculturalism. At VTFF’s 10 th anniversary, VTFF were honoured to receive a personal greeting letter from Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau, presented by Minister of National Defence, Mr. Harjit Sajjan, to acknowledge the remarkable milestone of a decade of inter-cultural celebrations.
Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival has received widespread supports and continues to exceed expectations year after year. Festival attendees range across multiple ethnicities, showing VTFF’s successful integration into the psyche of Vancouver’s multicultural society.
Films are the best window into culture, the most direct and popular method of reaching both the young and the old. Whether it is Taiwan’s breathtaking landscapes or glamorous urban life, its historical stories or current hot topics, its traditional culture or modern trends, its finest cuisines or night market street foods, or its arts and music, all of these can be showcased through films.
Promoting cultural exchange between Canada and Taiwan for over a decade, we remain all the more committed to our initial mandate – to provide a cultural bridge between Canadian society and Taiwan through the art of cinema.